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As an advertising agency for print, online and multimedia in Wasserburg, we have been offering you the highest quality in design and reliable cooperation for 18 years. As a full-service agency, we can offer you almost all design services from a single source. Our most important goal is a perfect result.

We offer you a customized level of graphic services and do not simply sell “anything”. We are also happy to advise you on which advertising is best received, where and how. This may involve specific individual orders, such as the design of brochures or websites. But it can also be a completely new corporate design – where everything from the pencil to the trade fair stand comes out of one hand.



Nothing in the world is more impressive than progress and movement. This urge for development is inherent in human beings and constantly pushes them to new limits. That’s why we as an advertising agency are always looking for new ways and possibilities to overcome these limits. We create cutting edge design.


Smooth graphics are pleasant, calming – and are often quickly forgotten. Only when a piece of work has character, that certain something, does it become unforgettable. In addition, colors, images, drawings and animations can generate certain reactions in people that are important to stay one step ahead of the competition. We always try to tease out the attitudes of the company and its customers and incorporate them into our work. The result is not an illusion, but an authentic, lively and unique work.


Contrasts are opposites that complement each other and thus form a fascinating whole. Whether it is colors and shapes or images, contrasts are always at play, appealing to and stimulating our subconscious mind. Our advertising provokes with contrasts, because an exciting work does not lose its effect even after years.


In a world full of information overload, nothing is more important than a clear and comprehensible structure of facts and information. WerkSchmiede dispenses with superfluous effects and concentrates on clear typography and elementary design that always focuses on the objectives. This philosophy is also expressed internally in a transparent workflow, comprehensible positions and clear conditions.


We design everything

– nothing more.



User-friendliness tailored to target groups, outstanding design, great functions and perfect SEO texts make your website successful.


Logo & brand design

Logotypes, icons and symbols have one requirement in common: they have to be concise – we make sure of that. And of course we also cast your vision in a visual appearance.


Packaging design

Unique, elegant, delicious or simply ingenious? The brand, function and design always come first.


Media design

Websites and films offer endless creative freedom, but technology imposes hard limits. We know how to deal with it.

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